Michal leitner

Associate interior designer

Elinor Hashalom

Interior designer

Architect Michael Setter

Architect Michael Setter is the founder and sole owner of Setter Architects. He graduated from the Architecture and City Planning Faculty of the Technion, Haifa. Michael has tremendous experience with international clients, and deep understanding of the challenges of managing high-scale projects to the full satisfaction of both local and global management. Has over three decades’ experience in planning and interior design. Michael will act as the Project Director of the project, assuring all aspects are executed in a professional manner, and in compliance with budget and schedule goals.

Bella Ventura

Associate interior designer

Oren Tchprout

Interior designer

Design is a Dialog
mixed with Inspiration.
That is when creative things happen.

Yeal Frydman Vazana

Interior designer

Peka Berger

Office Manager

Yulia Popov

Interior designer

Anna Bluvshtein Paltsev

Noa Cohen Avoddy

Interior designer

Setter Architects, located in Tel Aviv, was established in 1984 by Architect Michael Setter. He graduated in 1977 from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. Mr. Setter is the sole owner of the firm.

Setter Architects is considered one of Israel’s leading interior design firms, and it serves corporations as well as private and public organizations.

The firm specializes in inspiring, creative, and productive design that emphasizes integrating innovative style with each client’s unique organizational culture.

Tal Bachar

Interior designer

Setter Architect’s efficient team is comprised of 14 people. Our interior designers have built strong relationships with professionals in numerous related disciplines, allowing them to create the best possible designs and business image.

Setter’s expertise in combining creative design with the client’s needs and culture generates projects that are beautiful, functional, and motivating to work in, and always imbue the client’s business or organization with prestige.

Because we’re passionate about everything we do, we created our office space as a home away from home for our team. Working with global high-tech companies taught us to plan flexible spaces, open to constant change and adaptation.

We enjoy discussing and sometimes debating ideas and plans with our clients, and are always rigorous in translating our final ideas into precise construction plans.

Design ApProach

Our design approach is based on Dialogue: we believe that creation is a process of meetings and dialogue between the dreams, vision, information, and mindset of a dedicated group of diverse people.

It is connected to the people, the history, the core values and culture of the organization. Getting to know those, hand in hand with the internal project team, inspire us to create a visual story that symbolize the desired atmosphere and manifest the values

Design is telling a visual story

Experience with multinationals

In designing for many multinational companies, we have gained much knowledge and experience in different design approaches and methods that work all around the globe.


Being a dynamic company and working with a wide range of clients, we have the ability to adjust and to meet client/ project demands in order to maintain a successful track record of projects.

Physical health

Using sustainable materials that do not emit poisonous gases, proper lightning, air quality, radiation issues, ergonomic furniture, and building a safe environment.

We are committed to innovation and adaption of new technics, materials etc.
we have completed numerous LEED wining projects and familiar with green code requirements.


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M’aavar Yabok 5, Tel Aviv, 6744007 Israel +972-3-613-7771 studio@setter.co.il

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